Community News

Community News

September 2023 Community Newsletter

Community Reminders

Be sure to use the garage for parking your automobiles first before storage of anything else. Garbage cans should be stored in the garage or behind your fencing, out of view. And, don’t forget to get approval in advance of making any home improvements by filling out the ACC Request form online.

Back to School

School is back in session. Please be sure to slow down, and be watchful of kids crossing the streets headed to and from school. Parents, please make sure kids know where the best crossing locations are.

Fall Landscaping

It’s time to start trimming shrubs and trees that are growing into or over sidewalks and streets. Sidewalks should be clear for passage up to 8ft in height, and streets up to 14ft in height. It’s also time to start watching for leaves to drop. Please try to clean these up regularly so they are not left to blow all into your neighbor’s yards.

Upcoming Events

We’re always looking for volunteers to help organize fun events in the community. If you’re interested, please reach out to Ann Marie at

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